The Apostles' Creed Study

02.02.20 | First Service Coffee | by West End Presbyterian Church

The Apostles' Creed Study

    The Apostles' Creed is a summary of the Gospel story: from the very first words which echo the creation event in Genesis 1, to the everlasting future in Revelation.

    The Apostles' Creed (and its antecedents) has been a historical building block of the church since the early church. It is only 109 words, but it is a creed that unites all* Christian churches from the Orthodox to the Protestant churches, and even the Roman church.

    During the Spring of 2020, the elders of WEPC led a class through the Apostles' Creed line by line, using J.I. Packer's little book, Affirming the Apostles' Creed, as a guide. 





    Apostles' Creed: "I believe"

    Audio, Handout


    Apostles' Creed: "in God"

    Audio, Handout


    Apostles' Creed: "The Father"

    Audio, Handout


    Apostles' Creed: "Almighty"

    No Audio, Handout


    Apostles' Creed: "Maker of heaven and earth."



    Apostles' Creed: "And in Jesus Christ"

    Audio, Handout

    3/22/2020  ::  "His only Son"

    3/29/2020  ::  "Born of the Virgin Mary"

    4/5/2020 ::  "Suffered Under Pontius Pilate"

    4/10/2020 (Good Friday) ::  "He descended into Hell"

    4/12/2020 (Easter) ::  "The third day"

    4/19/2020 ::  "He ascended into heaven"

    4/26/2020 ::  "He shall come" - click here for notes in pdf

    5/3/2020 ::  "I believe in the Holy Ghost"

    5/10/2020 ::  "The holy catholic Church"

    5/17/2020 ::  "Forgiveness of sins"

    5/24/2020 ::  "Resurrection of the body"

    5/31/2020 ::  "The life everlasting. Amen."