Will there be requirements for the indoor services?

  • Maintain a safe distance of 6 feet from others. Sanctuary chairs are spaced apart, but larger families may combine smaller chair pods so everyone in the family can sit together.
  • Masks are required. (Children 5+ are required to also wear masks). The mask should cover both your nose and mouth, with a snug fit, for the whole time you are inside. If you need a "break" from your mask, please feel free to take a walk outside and then come back in the building.
  • Stay home if you have the least bit of a sniffle. If you feel “under the weather” in any way, please love your brothers and sisters by staying at home.
  • Wash your hands a lot.
  • When the service is over, make your way out of the building to chat outside on the sidewalk. There should be limited indoor lobby gatherings.
  • Keep all the doors to the sanctuary open for the whole of our time in the building.
  • Watch our “You are Invited” video for information on entrances, exits, and the arrangement of the sanctuary. There will be clearly marked entrance and exit doorways. 
  • If you are over 65 or have an underlying medical condition that would make you particularly vulnerable to the virus, we encourage you to attend our 9 AM service.
  • RSVP for in-person worship. We want to limit our attendance to 100 at each service.  Click HERE to RSVP for one of our services.

Will the Live Stream still be available once we begin indoor public worship?

Yes, we will continue the Sunday 10:30am live stream indefinitely. 

How often will we clean?

We will do a thorough cleaning before the 9am Sunday service.  We will also have our cleaning company come in to disinfect the seats, clean the bathrooms, and wipe down high touch surfaces at 10am each week, prior to the 10:30 am service.  They will clean again following the 10:30am service.

What about kids?

Check out our Backyard Worship info as well as nursery room info on Children's Ministry page.  We are eager to see our littlest friends!

Do we celebrate the Lord’s Supper?

We typically serve the Lord's Supper at the 9:00 am and 10:30 am services on the 2nd Sunday of the month.  However, we are SUSPENDING communion for the month of January 2021, and will revisit our decision for February.  Visit our Communion page for more details.

What if someone who attends a worship service subsequently tests positive for COVID-19?

In the event that an attender of a worship service tests positive for COVID-19, WEPC will contact the Virginia Department of Health and follow the advised protocols for notifying attenders who may have been exposed to the virus.