The Apostles' Creed is a summary of the Gospel story: from the very first words which echo the creation event in Genesis 1, to the everlasting future in Revelation. Not only that, but the Apostles' Creed (and its antecedents) has been a historical building block of the church since the early church. It is only 109 words, but it is a creed that unites all* Christian churches from the Orthodox to the Protestant churches, and even the Roman church.

Over the Spring of 2020, the elders of WEPC will be leading a class through the Apostles' Creed line by line, using J.I. Packer's little book, Affirming the Apostles' Creed, as a guide. 

Audio and handouts will be available the week after each lesson.





Apostles' Creed: "I believe"

Audio, Handout


Apostles' Creed: "in God"

Audio, Handout


Apostles' Creed: "The Father"

Audio, Handout


Apostles' Creed: "Almighty"

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Apostles' Creed: "Maker of heaven and earth."



Apostles' Creed: "And in Jesus Christ"

Audio, Handout

3/22/2020  ::  "His only Son"

3/29/2020  ::  "Born of the Virgin Mary"

4/5/2020 ::  "Suffered Under Pontius Pilate"

4/10/2020 (Good Friday) ::  "He descended into Hell"

4/12/2020 (Easter) ::  "The third day"

4/19/2020 ::  "He ascended into heaven"

4/26/2020 ::  "He shall come" - click here for notes in pdf

5/3/2020 ::  "I believe in the Holy Ghost"

5/10/2020 ::  "The holy catholic Church"

5/17/2020 ::  "Forgiveness of sins"

5/24/2020 ::  "Resurrection of the body"

5/31/2020 ::  "The life everlasting. Amen."