Every Wednesday, from 06/30/2021 to 08/18/2021, 7:00 PM - 8:00 PM

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Love God & Love Neighbor: A Study in Ephesians

WEPC Playground Lawn (rain/heat location: WEPC Chapel)

We are living in challenging times. The global pandemic has left us isolated and cut off from deep human connection. Social and economic upheaval has left us suffering and afraid. Our news and social media feeds constantly amplify what divides us. As a result, we’ve all experienced atrophy in our muscles of hospitality, self-giving love, and grace.  And yet in the midst of this God calls the diverse us - conservative and liberal, activist and pacifist, ailing and healthy, rich and poor - to live, serve, and worship together.  Challenging times for sure, but not unprecedented. Similar dynamics happened 2,000 years ago in a tiny church in Ephesus in Asia Minor.  Their God called a diverse group of people who were under persecution to be a community of faith. Join us for an 8 week journey to rebuild the muscles as a community we need to serve each other and God and cultivate a culture of grace.

Outspoken skeptics, new Christians and long-time believers are encouraged to attend.  Feel free to bring others, bring a chair, and drop in whenever you are in town!

Led by WEPC elders Kevin Shaffer & B-J Huff.