Every Sunday, 9:00 AM - 10:15 AM

Location: WEPC Room 810, 9008 Quioccasin Rd, Richmond, VA US 23229

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Hope and the Coming of Christ 

Weekly through Dec 18 / 9:00-10:15 AM / Rm 810
*No meeting on Nov 27*
To help prepare for the season of Christmas, we will spend four weeks studying the biblical concept of hope. What does it look like to hope when life is dark and unsure? What does it look like to hope when things are bright and secure? And where are all of the ways that we continue to get this wrong? This will be a Bible survey of how the concept of hope pops up in all of redemptive history, and how it culminates in the first and second advents of Jesus. Led by Joe Brown.

Past Class:

Human Sexuality

Join Pastor Joe Brown as we dig deep into the Biblical passages related to human sexuality. Using the Bible and our denomination's report on human sexuality, this two month study will deal with such topics as sexual purity and homosexuality. Our hope is that the Gospel renews our minds and hearts and clarifies Christ's heart toward His people. 

Class Handouts 

Class Questions and Answers

The Answers to the following questions from the class can be found here.

  1. Your neighbor says to you, "The Bible has been used to justify slavery. So if you think that is wrong now, then aren't you just on the wrong side of history to use the Bible to justify your homophobia?" How do you respond?
  2. Isn’t so much of the rules that the Pharisees enforce in the Bible… Leviticus? So can’t the argument be given that they are following God’s commands?
  3. If you enter or are drawn into a conversation about (fill in the blank), and our first response is to go to Scripture. Then we become aware the other conversationalist does not accept Scripture as a “legitimate” reference resource. How do we proceed? Or do we simply withdraw?
  4. How are we to respond when a church leader, member, and/or regular attender posts something on social media that celebrates an anti-biblical sexuality viewpoint?
  5. What is the ethical response to demands that we act and/or speak in a manner that indicates acceptance of a non-Biblical view of human sexuality?  
  6. Your young adult niece has said that she is now male and wants you to use male pronouns for him and to call him his new male name. What do you do?
  7. A married fellow church member once said of his wife, “she can’t refuse me.” As in, she’s not permitted to refuse him sexually. Debate the biblical guidance and church-cultivated deception on this issue.
  8. When a person meets with elders to become a member and they believe that “God makes gay people,” first, would that even come up in the conversation? And would their answer prevent their membership?
  9. Your non-Christian gay biological brother invites you to his wedding to his husband. Do you go? What do you say to him either way?
  10. Do I treat my gay neighbor who also says he is a Christian as a brother in Christ?
  11. Your young adult son "comes out" to you as gay. What do you say? He wants to invite his boyfriend to Thanksgiving. What do you say? And why?
  12. Your SSA Christian friend tells you that she believes in a BSE, she prays for God to take away her homosexual desires, but it isn't "working." It's all-consuming to her and she worries that she will grow to hate herself and hate the church. "No one" seems to understand her struggle in the church. How do you respond?
  13. A common comment I've gotten from the affirming crowd is that "God created people with same sex attraction, and God can't make mistakes."  How would you respond to this?
  14. Someone shows up at the Home Group that you are leading and he introduces himself as a Gay Christian. What do you say or do in the moment?
  15. Similar to the question above (Question 13 above), I’ve heard “God created people who strongly feel they have a different gender identity than their biological sex. If God can’t make mistakes, why would he do that?” 
  16. Any thoughts about ‘asexual’ people? Not having an attraction for either gender?

Follow this link for Joe's answers.