March 10, 2019: Tempted

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TEXT FOR SUNDAY, MArch 10, 2019:

Luke 4:1-13


PReparation for worship

“It is written.” (Luke 4:4,8,10)
Teach me, O Lord, to fight like Thee;
With weapons from Thine armory
My foe I then shall quell,
Skillful to use Thy two-edged sword,
Victorious through Thy written Word
O’er all the powers of hell.
– John Wesley

“As men and women after God’s own heart, we are called to walk the path Jesus walked. Jesus, a man of sorrows, and familiar with suffering, never once dealt with reality by turning to dark cynicism, blasé acceptance, angry strength, and empty hope. The route to Golgotha was strewn with temptations to sidestep death, yet Jesus learned obedience through suffering. Jesus’ choice to embrace life to the point of death resulted in the healing of the greatest wound of our hearts: separation from God. As His followers, we are on the same path.”
– Dan Allender


Pastor's Note

Dear Ones,

Few of us are able to resist temptation for very long. Jesus resisted an onslaught from the devil himself for 40 days. It was a battle for the ages. Literally for you and me, not just for Jesus himself.

Jesus’ triumph over temptation and the Tempter was just one more act in a divine love story. Out of love for his Father and for us, he fought. He continues that conflict even today for your soul and your affections.