February 10, 2019: The Catch

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TEXT FOR SUNDAY, February 10, 2019:

Luke 5:1-11


PReparation for worship

“As to the meaning of the metaphor fishers of men [Luke 5:10]… the allusion which Christ made to fishing, when He spoke of the preaching of the Gospel, was appropriate: for men stray and wander in the world, as in a great and troubled sea, till they are gathered by the Gospel.” – John Calvin

“[Simon Peter’s] encounter with God’s power is no reason to shrink back from Him, but an opportunity to approach Him on the right basis, with faith and dependence. In catching fish, Jesus has caught Simon Peter. The mission is to catch persons alive.” – Darrel L. Bock


Pastor's Note

Dear Ones,

The story of Jesus telling Peter he will become a fisher of men seems quite quaint to us. However, it is remarkably disruptive. Peter and his friends are at work and Jesus takes over their workplace and their primary means of making a living to teach the crowd gathered on the shore.

It is as if Jesus showed up at your office and took over.

Maybe that wouldn’t be such a bad thing…