December 22, 2019: God With Us

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Text for Sunday, December 22, 2019:

Matthew 1:18-25


PReparation for worship

“Where the understanding is outraged, where human nature rebels, where our piety keeps a nervous distance: there, precisely there, God loves to be; there He baffles the wisdom of the wise; there He vexes our nature, our religious instincts. There He wants to be, and no one can prevent Him. Only the humble believe Him and rejoice that God is so free and grand, that He works wonders where man loses heart, that He makes splendid what is slight and lowly. Indeed, this is the wonder of wonders, that God loves the lowly. “God has regarded the low estate of His handmaiden.” God in lowliness-- that is the revolutionary, the passionate word of Advent.”

Dietrich Bonhoeffer

Pastor's Note

Dear Ones,

There are not many humans in the Bible that I think of as heroes. However, as I have thought and prayed about my sermon this week, Joseph, the husband of Mary, has increased in my estimation.

He is called just and faithful to the law of God. Honestly, there are not many folks in the Bible who are so highly commended. 

He accepts what God has for him and he accepts a child who is not his own biological son. Quite an example of grace and strength.

Merry Christmas!