Aug 28, 2016

Passage: Psalms 146:1-10

Preacher: Joe Brown

Series: Psalms


Fire at Full Moon, Paul Klee (1933, Swiss)

image :: Fire at Full Moon, Paul Klee (1933, Swiss)


“A body by its weight tends to move towards its proper place…fire tends to move upwards, a stone downwards…Oil poured under water is drawn up to the surface on top of the water. Water poured on top of oil sinks below the oil. They are acted on by their respective densities, they seek their own place. Things which are not in their intended position are restless. Once they are in their ordered position, they are at rest…My weight is my love. Wherever I am carried, my love is carrying me. By Your gift we are set on fire and carried upwards …Lit by Your fire, Your good fire, we grow red hot and ascend, as we move upwards to the peace of Jerusalem.” (Augustine, Confessions)

“The only potential bond between the extremes of mankind: joyful preoccupation with God.”(Derek Kidner)