** During the Virginia's "Stay-at-Home" order because of the COVID-19 pandemic, all normal programs have been postponed. The information below will be accurate at an unknown later date. For up-do-date information, please see the information buttons on the church's homepage.

WEPC offers a variety of opportunities throughout the week for adults to gather for fellowship and discipleship.

The church is about being in community with one another. However, being together has been hard since the beginning of this pandemic. So "out of necessity, comes ingenuity". We are trying the new idea this year of Yard Groups. These are small groups of people, meeting together to study, pray, and socialize -- in someone's yard. These will be short term (about 8 weeks starting in mid-September), weekly groups that are meeting in peoples' yards for the main purpose of staying in community and encouraging one another.  If you have any questions, please contact Joy Andrews.

Click here to sign up for Yard Groups


wednesday night fellowship: fall 2020

JUST LIFE: A Study of James

6:00-7:00 PM 
Through November 11, 2020

WEPC Courtyard/Pagoda (behind the Playground)

Visit the Wednesday Night Fellowship event page for more details.


inquirer's weekend

October 23-25, 2020
For those interested in learning more about our church and the possibility of membership in the future. Inquirer's Weekend is a wonderful time to meet our pastors in a group setting and learn some foundations of Christianity, foundations for our church’s worship, and opportunities for connection and service with others.  Visit the Inquirer's Weekend page for dates and RSVP information.

Home Groups 

Visit the WEPC Home Groups page for more information on how to get involved in a small home group community!



Dark Clouds, Deep MercY


Book Study from Summer of 2020
Click HERE to go to the Study Guide/Live Stream Recordings page.






Apostles' Creed

Click here to listen to the recorded lessons and learn the basics of our faith with an in-depth look at the doctrines that unite all Christians. 




Renewal rva

The purpose of Renewal RVA is to build relationships both within the WEPC church body and with our community neighbors to share the Gospel and point people to faith in Jesus. Renewal RVA seeks to energize outreach activities toward people in our circles of influence and our immediate neighbors—outreach opportunities to confidently invite the skeptics in our lives to consider and know Jesus.

Click HERE to learn more about RVA Renewal's mission and vision.


Young Adults Ministry

Are you a Young Adult (20s & 30s) looking to know others in your own stage in life, and looking to be known? Are you looking to grow in your renewal in the Gospel? Be a part of the WEPC Young Adults Ministry. Contact Mark & Rebecca Crutcher to get connected.