The Gospel and Race
THURSDAY, July 16, 7 - 9 PM
WEPC Sanctuary + Live Stream 

A talk by Stan Morton, pastor of Crown & Joy Presbyterian Church. The Gospel has the power to bring people together who are unlike each other, be it gender, class, culture or race.  How can we take part in releasing this power into a racially and culturally divided world?  How does Scripture help us gain a biblical vision for cross-cultural living and diverse ministry? Questions? Contact Pastor Kevin Greene

  • What are We Facing in this Current Racially-Charged Time?
  • Why Should the Church Engage in Attempts at Racial Reconciliation?
  • Do Churches Need to Adopt a Multi-Ethnic Mission or Awareness?
  • What I Wish White People in the Church Could See.
  • Can Scripture Help Me See What Might Be Our Next Step?

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