November 4, 2018: Choose

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TEXT FOR SUNDAY, November 4, 2018:

Matthew 20:1-16

“You did not choose me, but I chose you.” –John 15:16

“The doctrine of predestination promotes humility, not arrogance; assurance, not apprehension; responsibility, not apathy; holiness, not complacency; and mission, not privilege.” –John Stott

Pastor's Note

Dear Ones,

The dignity of work and the ability to see our work as a means to provide for ourselves and the ones we love is often ignored, forgotten, or rejected. In today’s parable, Jesus tells us about a vineyard owner who gives work and dignity to those who need it. He also pays well.

For the most part, we do not believe we work in God’s vineyard. We believe we work unto ourselves or our bosses. When we work, we bear witness to the fact that our God is a worker and that he loves workers.

Part of the restoration we look for in the resurrection is redeemed and restored work that will be meaningful, not cursed, and fruitful, always.

“Far as the curse is found”—his blessings flood wherever the curse is found, not the least is your job.