November 25, 2018: The Good Shepherd

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TEXT FOR SUNDAY, November 25, 2018:

John 10:11-15

“Being confident of the goodness of the Lord shouldn’t be confused with an assumption that because God is good, He will give me the things I have set my heart on. In His grace, God is freeing you from the small confines of your little definition of what is good so that you can experience the huge and satisfying good that He has planned for you…This is the bottom line. The good that God promises me isn’t a situation, possession, position, or relationship. The good that He promises me is Himself.” – Paul Tripp


Pastor's Note

Dear Ones,

I wanted to conclude our series on the Parables with Jesus’s identification of himself as the Good Shepherd.

Although this is less a parable and more of Jesus simply drawing a comparison of himself with a well-known figure for middle eastern kings. It was not uncommon for middle eastern kings to identify themselves as the shepherds of their people. They, however, never saw themselves as a sacrifice for their people. Jesus is distinctive.