November 18, 2018: Given

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TEXT FOR SUNDAY, November 18, 2018:

Luke 19:11-27

“While the Lord enriches His servants daily and heaps new gifts of His grace upon them because He holds pleasing the work that He has begun in them, He finds in them something He may follow up by greater grace. This is the meaning of the statement, ‘To everyone who has, more will be given’ (Luke 19:26)” – John Calvin

“But all the while, there was one thing we most needed even from the start: the ability to take our freedom seriously and act on it, to live not in fear of mistakes but in the knowledge that no mistake can hold a candle to the love that draws us home. My repentance, accordingly, is not so much for my failings but for the two-bit attitude toward them by which I made them more sovereign than grace. Grace – the imperative to hear the music, not just listen for errors – makes all infirmities occasions of glory.” – Robert Farrar Capon


Pastor's Note

Dear Ones,

It is unacceptable to many of us that we will lead lives that no one will notice— that at the end of our lives, all that could be said of us was that we were faithful. We showed up. Does Jesus demand more?

In today’s parable, faithfulness is commended and rewarded. I think for many that would not be enough.