May 5, 2019: Love and Restoration

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Text for Sunday, May 5, 2019:

John 21:1-19


PReparation for worship

“One evidence of the Spirit’s presence in our lives is our seeing where we really are and admitting it to others. One cannot make progress in life or ministry without being a forthright and forthcoming person. Probably each one of us has tons of messed up motives and loads of self-deception—or at least we do until we begin to ask the Holy Spirit to search us out.”
– Jack Miller, The Heart of a Servant Leader


Pastor's Note

Dear Ones,

Our God is a welcoming God. One of the most ignored characteristics of God is hospitality. Today’s passage sees Jesus practically and lovingly preparing a breakfast for his tired and hungry disciples.

Think about that…

Our God spreads a table for us, perhaps, even in the presence of enemies.

Jesus keeps the party going by turning water into wine.

Jesus feeds the five thousand.

We are invited and redeemed to attend the marriage feast of the Lamb.

We will focus on hospitality a lot in the coming months (Renewal RVA). Our hospitality to our neighbors will be a reflection of the God we want them to know.