May 26, 2019: The Helper

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Text for Sunday, May 26, 2019:

John 14:23-29


PReparation for worship

“Do not forget the Holy Spirit. Endeavor to obtain a clear view of His nature and character, His attributes, and His works. Behold the Spirit of the Lord, who first of all moved upon chaos and brought forth order, who now visits the chaos of your soul and creates the order of holiness. Behold Him as the Lord and giver of spiritual life, the Illuminator, the Instructor, the Comforter, and the Sanctifier. Behold Him as He descends upon the head of Jesus, and then as He rests upon you.” – Charles Spurgeon


Pastor's Note


You and I need help. The passage from John this morning reminds us that God gave us some help. And this is better help than anyone could ask for — a true Helper. 

This week I heard a new song from the band Judah and the Lion that speaks to our universal cry for help, and our immediate reaction to resist any offered help. Here are the slightly modified lyrics:

It’s been a rough last couple of months
My aunt’s gone and my parents divorced
But I’m ok / Please stop asking me / I’m ok... 

Far from home and I think I’m depressed
Couple drinks get it out of my head
But I’m ok / Please stop asking me / I’m ok... 

 Well finally, some honesty
I’m not that great transparently
It’s been a few years since I’ve felt ok
But I’m just like a pro not showing it on my face
I’m an ocean now, peaceful on the outside
But the deeper I go down, I’m discovering all the things
My brain has let sink below
Eventually coming up, up like a cyclone
So my first step to recovery, a couple deep breaths
And then hear me speak:

I’m not ok / Come get my pain / I’m not ok
Please stop asking me
I’m not ok / And maybe that’s ok


(Songwriters: Judah Lee Akers / Brian Victor Macdonald / Nathan Edward Zuercher; “I’m ok,” performed by Judah and the Lion from their 2019 album “Pep Talks”)