March 31, 2019: The Great Exchange

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TEXT FOR SUNDAY, MArch 31, 2019:

II Corinthians 5:16-21


PReparation for worship

“When St. Paul says that God has given him the ministry of reconciliation, he means that he is a preacher of this peace. He ministers reconciliation to the world….It is not the main part of his vocation to tell men to make their peace with God, but to tell them that God has made peace with the world. At bottom, the Gospel is not good advice, but Good News. All the good advice it gives is summed up in this – Receive the Good News…When Christ’s work was done, the reconciliation of the world was accomplished. When men were called to receive it, they were called to a relation to God, not in which they would no more be against Him – though that is included – but in which they would no more have Him against them. There would be no condemnation thenceforth to those who were in Christ Jesus” – James Denney


Pastor's Note

Dear Ones,

Fleming Rutledge writes this:

The victory of God’s domain is certain. The cross and resurrection marks the decisive turn in the cosmos. Repentance does not make this possible; God engenders the whole thing, including our repentance. There is a new creation. The fix we were in has been dramatically and decisively reversed.

We are now “the righteousness of God.”