June 16, 2019: The Spirit of Truth

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Text for Sunday, June 16, 2019:

John 16:12-15

PReparation for worship

“We must have God teach the heart as well as the brain. He must teach not only the truths themselves, as they be discovered, but the love of them, the faith of them, the practice of them.

And only He can do this, He only can teach the heart, He only can discover the bent of the heart. Only the Spirit can do it.”  – Richard Sibbes


Pastor's Note

Dear Ones,

What is the pragmatic value of the Doctrine of the Trinity? It is clearly taught in the Bible and yet, what practical difference does it make that The Father, The Son, and The Spirit are one?

The Early Church Fathers maintained that no one would be saved if they did not believe the Doctrine of the Trinity.

They at least thought that this Truth mattered so much that it was a matter of eternal life or death.