July 28, 2019: Ask, Seek, Knock

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Text for Sunday, July 28, 2019:

Luke 11:1-13


PReparation for worship

“The sense that in this universe we are treated as strangers, the longing to be acknowledged, to meet with some response, to bridge some chasm that yawns between us and reality, is part of our inconsolable secret. And surely, from this point of view, the promise of glory, in the sense described, becomes highly relevant to our deep desire. For glory means good report with God, acceptance by God, response, acknowledgment, and welcome into the heart of things. The door on which we have been knocking all our lives will open at last.” – C.S. Lewis


Pastor's Note

Dear Ones,

We pray because Jesus tells us to pray. We pray because Jesus prayed. We pray because Jesus taught us that our Father in heaven is a good Father. We keep praying because Jesus wants us to keep praying.

Prayer would be a fruitless exercise, if Jesus were not at the center of our reasons to pray.