February 3, 2019 | Joy: We Find Jesus When We Trust Only Him

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TEXT FOR SUNDAY, February 3, 2019:

Philippians 3:1-11


PReparation for worship

“Christ came chiefly for this reason:
that we might learn how much God loves us,
and might learn this to the end that we might begin to glow
with love of Him by whom we were first loved,
and so might love our neighbor
at the bidding and after the example of Him
who made Himself our neighbor by loving us,
when instead of being His neighbor,
we were wandering far from Him.”
– Augustine of Hippo


Pastor's Note

Dear Ones,

Paul helps the Philippians, and us as well, to find our way back from the growing emptiness of self absorption and religious efforts. Surprisingly, as we count everything else we trust as a loss, we find that God gives us what we need the most as we trust Jesus alone. And finding him, we can see our joy renewed.

Josiah Bancroft