February 17, 2019: Like a Tree

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TEXT FOR SUNDAY, February 17, 2019:

Psalm 1


PReparation for worship

“There is no mechanical solution to true spirituality or the true Christian life. Anything that has the mark of the mechanical is a mistake. It is not possible to say, ‘Read so many of the chapters of the Bible every day, and you will have this much sanctification.’ It is not possible to say, ‘Pray so long every day, and you will have a certain amount of sanctification.’…This is a purely mechanical solution, and it denies the whole Christian position. For the fact is that the Christian life, true spirituality, can never have a mechanical solution. The real solution is being cast up into the moment-by-moment communion, personal communion with God Himself, and letting Christ’s truth flow through me through the agency of the Holy Spirit.” – Francis Schaeffer


Pastor's Note

Dear Ones,

After the 23rd Psalm, Psalm 1 was the next passage of the Bible I memorized when I was a kid. It was important to my parents that I was clear on what the pathway to blessedness depends.

There really are only two ways to live: oriented toward the God who loves you, or independent self-autonomy.

We see this most clearly in the life and work of Jesus Christ. No one has ever loved the word of God more than The Word. No one has ever prospered more spiritually than Jesus. The Lord tells us and demonstrates to us what a good life is.