April 7, 2019: Restore

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TEXT FOR SUNDAY,  April 7, 2019:

Psalm 126


PReparation for worship

“Sometimes a flood of God’s Spirit comes down powerfully and suddenly, like the streams from distant mountain rainstorms, and the community is restored dramatically. But there is also a slower path to renewal. Those who ‘sow with tears’ are those who have painstakingly prayed and wept over their own sins and also over people…the desert will become a garden.” –Tim Keller


Pastor's Note

Dear Ones,

Memory of the Lord’s past faithfulness is an essential component of faith. That God has been patient and good and merciful in the past should help us to call on him to continue that goodness in the times of trouble and weeping.

Along with memory, Scripture repeats over and over again that weeping lasts for a time but joy comes in the morning. We always live in anticipation of the restoration of what has been lost and the resurrection of the dead.

Good Friday and Easter Saturday are not eternal. The resurrected Jesus on Easter Sunday is eternal.