Neighborhood Outreach

At WEPC, we are grateful to live near and work with immigrant and refugee families from all over the world. Through Neighborhood Outreach, we seek to embody Jesus Christ and declare His righteousness through word and deed. Our mission is to glorify God by walking alongside the neighbors of WEPC as we:

  • Equip: Empowering our neighbors in Jesus’ name with resources, tools and skills.
  • Serve: Loving our neighbors as we partner with them in addressing their immediate needs.
  • Fellowship: Welcoming our Neighbors through having fun together and building relationships.
  • Preach Christ: Encouraging one another to hope in Jesus

If you are interested in serving with us, please contact Shangwok Deng, Director of Neighborhood Outreach.

Service Opportunities:

English As a Second Language (ESL) Classes

WEPC Community ESL School

Learn more about the WEPC Neighborhood Outreach Ministries Core Values