When life is hard how can the body of Christ help one another?

We seem to know intuitively how to reach out when someone faces physical pain or complications, but mental health seems more complex and messy. These sessions offer opportunities to:

•define and understand what someone is dealing with - someone you love, a person within the body of Christ, or yourself.

•discuss ways to help, how to set boundaries when helping, and what to avoid.

•direct our focus to our loving Heavenly Father who welcomes every hurt encountered in this broken world.

Lara Finnie, WEPC's Resident in Counseling, a Nationally Certified Counselor (NCC) with a Master's (MA) in Clinical Mental Health, will facilitate these sessions. Participants can ask questions, review resources, and discuss experiences. Each session is $20 per person, payable by credit, debit, or HSA card or cash. Register for any or all sessions using the registration link. Direct questions to .

For more information about Lara or the individual sessions, please see her website

 Session 1: Addiction and the Family 

Saturday, February 15, 9AM-12PM in room 35

Session 2: Overcommitted and Overfunctioning

Saturday, April 18, 9AM-12PM in room 35

Session 3: Crisis Parenting

Saturday, May 23, 9AM-12PM in room 35