Consider Jesus: The Letter to the Hebrews

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9/17/2019 Introductions to Hebrews Kim Greene listen
9/24/2019 Lesson 1: By His Son Kim Greene listen
10/1/2019 Lesson 2: Your throne Kim Greene listen
10/8/2019 Lesson 3: But we see Him Katie Goodrich listen
10/15/2019 Lesson 4: Made like His brothers Dolly Carroll listen
10/22/2019 Lesson 5: Consider Jesus Kim Johnson listen
11/12/2019 Lesson 7: Today Katie Goodrich listen
11/19/2019 Lesson 8: My Rest Dolly Carroll listen
11/26/2019 Lesson 9: Living and Active Kim Johnson listen
12/3/2019 Lesson 10: A Great High Priest Kim Greene listen
12/10/2019 Reflection on Hebrews Julie Ireland listen
1/14/20 Lesson 11: He Learned Obedience Kim Greene listen
1/21/20 Lesson 12: Anchor of the Soul Kim Greene listen
1/28/20 Lesson 13:  A Priest Forever Kim Johnson listen
2/04/20 Lesson 14: Better Promises Dolly Carroll listen
2/11/20 Lesson 15: Cleanse Our Consciences Kim Johnson listen
2/18/20 Lesson 16: The Sacrifice of Himself Erin Bouknight listen
2/25/20 Lesson 17: Once for All Dolly Carroll listen
3/10/20 Lesson 18: Draw Near Heather Oberle listen
Lesson 19: Fellowship Day
3/24/20 Lesson 20: By Faith, Part 1 Kim Greene listen
3/31/20 Lesson 21: By Faith, Part 2 Kim Greene listen