On the second Sunday in October 1993, West End Presbyterian Church held its first worship service in the gym of what is now Quioccasin Middle School. Twenty-five years later, we are still experiencing God’s faithfulness to our congregation, neighborhood, and community.

Join us is in a year-long celebration of our 25th Anniversary beginning this fall as we focus on the theme of being One in Christ.

 October 12-14, 2018
 25th Anniversary Weekend Celebration

Audio recordings from the weekend include:

Phil Davis' Friday Evening Talk

Hymns+Stories Testimonies

Vision Team Update

Phil Davis' Sunday Morning Sermon


October 13, 2018

Listen to DOXOLOGY.



February 1-2, 2019
“Missing Jesus” Serge Weekend Conference

It's easy to miss Jesus in the midst of the busy-ness of our daily lives, even on Sundays and in our own discipleship, when we run on our own terms, resources, and strength. Over Friday evening and Saturday morning, we’ll learn with Josiah Bancroft and Patric Knaak of Serge how to rediscover the joy and power found in the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Look for registration information this fall!


We belong to Jesus and He belongs to us—this union with Christ changes everything. A brand new WEPC Small Group resource will be made specifically for this 25th Anniversary project. Over the first four months of 2019, WEPC will gather together in community and with hope as we seek to apply the truth of the Gospel to our every day lives. Join a WEPC Small Group today, or invite your neighbors and friends to join you this spring as we go back to the Source to find renewal and revival.